AI for the bank’s of tomorrow.

Risk is

Your banking platform should be too.

Trillions of dollars are being laundered, every year.


Banks are burdened by ineffective and expensive risk management solutions.

*Amount spent on AML yearly per IMF

Lack of innovation.

Inability to innovate results in overspending, compounded by their struggle to keep pace with evolving technologies and financial challenges.


Globalization and evolving regulatory demands strain banks, resulting in excessive expenditures and an inability to keep up.


Higher-risk segments restrict banks from market participation.

Establishing a new banking paradigm.

AI, meet banking.

PointChain is an AI driven solution, enabling real-time transaction monitoring and risk scoring. 

Legacy Transaction Monitoring tools are reactive and provide insight after an issue or suspicious activity has occurred.

Automated transaction risk scoring, supported by comprehensive evidence addresses risk as it happens.

The power of the PointChain platform across the organization.

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring
Reporting & Learning Models
Client Risk & Account Management
Alert Handling
Transaction Activity Reviews
Automated Regulatory Filings
Alert Handling
Reporting and Learning Models
Automated Regulatory Filings
Real-Time Transaction Monitoring (2)
Transaction Activity Reviews


White-labeled and fully customized solutions for risk and compliance.

Allows your institution to service specific industries, most commonly emerging industries, without compromising compliance and risk management procedures. Technology that helps you unlock new revenue.

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Execute internal financial investigations proactively and efficiently. Automated and intelligent workflows support the priority filings process. Unlock the oversight of your compliance and risk teams by leveraging a central command center for the bank.

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Manage compliance and risk through your network of respondents efficiently, with an intelligent and centralized risk platform. Optimize compliance controls and reviews in real-time, and lead with best-practices

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An intelligent compliance and risk management platform that scales compliance procedures and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your program in real-time. Benefit from cost savings, improved risk management, and by unlocking revenue potential.

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